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Depression is a serious ailment, don’t ignore it!

According to WHO, 264 million people(3.4%) suffer from depression around the world and depression is one of the most prevalent serious mental health disorders. It is common people assume sadness equal to depression, but it is not true. Even though, the long-lasting gloom is one of the depression’s criteria; however, sadness can be a normal emotional reaction of mind to the unwanted external situation such as loss.
If you found yourself feeling down in addition to at least 5 of the following symptoms for more than 2 weeks, you should take it seriously and seek help:
• hopeless
• helpless
• worthless
• loss of interest to pleasurable activities
• low self-esteem
• feeling the loss of energy and easy fatigability
• sleep problem
• decreased sexual desire
• decrease or increase in appetite
• decrease or increase weight
• lack of concentration and easy distractibility
• thought of death
• suicidal thoughts or attempts
• disturbance in social functioning