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Stress is a body and mind reaction

Stress Management
Stress is a common complaint nowadays. Some assume this as a part of the modern and fast pacing lifestyle and others notice it as a consequence of rapid changes in the personal and social situation of people. It consists of several signs but usually felt with anxiety, headache, irritability, insomnia, heart-pounding, loss of appetite or interest in enjoyable activities.
How does it come up?
Stress is a natural result of any significant change in people’s life situations. When we live routinely, our body and mind status is in a balanced state and work regularly. Any sudden change in our life situation like disease, loss, financial issue, even an achievement or marriage will disarrange the psychological and physiological equilibrium which in turn triggers releasing of stress hormones like cortisol. We usually feel the extra amount of cortisol in blood steam by headache, tension, heart-racing and lack of concentration.
What do we do at sessions?
I see my stressful clients who present with diverse symptoms. I train them on how to recognize the physical and psychological signs of stress. They are also instructed to contribute to CBT mindfulness practices to help themselves for better adjustment which would result in a low cortisol level.