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OCD is a real problem!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
The people with OCD suffer from repetitive and intrusive kinds of thoughts or images and repeated mental acts or behavior in response to them. Obsessions are irresistible, annoying, and pushy thoughts or images which result in a huge amount of anxiety. compulsions are repetitive and obligatory mental acts or behaviors which are done in response to the obsessions. Although the compulsions’ object is calming down the produced anxiety, as such they create additional anxiety and distress. people can have either obsession or compulsion; however, they present together in most of the cases.
Body Dysmorphic Disorder(BDD), Hoarding Disorder(HD), Trichotillomania(TTM), and excoriation disorders( skin-picking) are classified in this group of disorders by DSM5 and ICD10.
OCD were assumed to be rare in the past, because as author of comprehensive textbook of psychiatry elaborates “Individuals with OCD are characteristically aware that their compulsions are excessive, and in the past they may not only have been too embarrassed to seek professional help but also unlikely to have received efficacious intervention—factors that may have led to early authors describing OCD asa rare condition”. However, its prevalence is 2.3 percent of the population

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