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Anger makes relationship very tough

Anger Management
Human is a source of several kinds of positive and negative emotions. Anger is a type of negative emotion that has a destructive disposition and always causes damage and make troubles. Anger roots from the emotional part of the brain which is evolutionally possessed in common with animals and works spontaneously as a reflex. Our brain has a developed part which can help us how to manage the anger and this is the resource which the therapist uses for the training of angry client. In fact, achieving this cognition and practicing the skills are the key tools for anger management which develops through cognitive therapy.

A good Relationship make the life more Happy!

Couple Relationship
We are always in a relationship so, we can’t live without that. The relationship is part of our existence according to Gestalt psychology.

The only thing we need is learning how to make an effective and constructive context of a relationship which helps our development and happiness. This will not happen unless we learn skills of communication along with the psychology of love and respect. The skill of communication and proficiency of negotiation in addition to other basic life skills are the competence we are going to achieve through the couple therapy sessions.

People become disturbed when they make a want or desire into an absolute demand on the universe. When people are disturbed, they think that what they want must be, and they fail to distinguish between what one wants and the fact that the universe has no obligation to provide it.