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Youth Counselling

Youth Counseling is a supportive and confidential service that provides guidance and assistance to young individuals facing various emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges. It addresses issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, peer pressure, self-esteem, family conflicts, and academic concerns, helping youths develop coping skills and make informed decisions for their well-being and future. Counselors work collaboratively with young clients to promote personal growth, resilience, and mental health, fostering a safe space for open communication and self-discovery.

Addiction and Trauma

Addiction and Trauma

This is individual session is organized in order to help peoples who struggle with addiction or suffer from devastating memories of trauma.

Family therapy

Family Therapy

 Families  as systems are affected by their consisting individuals ; however, they have their own issues which usually are resulted from the family members’ dysfunctional interactions. We usually meet family members together in  75 minutes sessions to discuss the issues from everyone’s perspective and find solutions.

Parenting skills

Parenting skills

Parents usually ask counseling for their relationship issues with their kids, or learn skills to raise their children healthily and effectively.

Pre Marriage counseling

Premarital Counseling,

This counselling might be hold as individual session for one couple our both in order to help out them to get more information about the relationship, commitment, and responsibility in order to make decision for marriage confidently.

Couple and marital therapy

Couple Therapy

Both couples attend sessions simultaneously, learn dynamic of relationship , constructive communication,and find finding an effective solution for the problem at the end.

Individual counseling and psychotherapy

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

We meet individually in order to keep the confidentiality. After discussion of  main ithe issues, I make a treatment plan for the following sessions and set regular appointments to obtain client’s therapy goals.