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Mohammad is a therapist with solid experience working with youth. He is a compassionate, caring, and understanding registered psychotherapist (Qualifying). Mohammad’s educational background is in Clinical Psychology for both his bachelor's and master's studies and is now finishing his PhD in Psychology at Brock University. Moreover, Mohammad has experience in many psychotherapeutic approaches, including CBT, ACT, and DBT.

For over five years, Mohammad has been working with individuals to help them harness their potential to successfully overcome obstacles, manage life transitions, and find their identity. He works alongside his clients to help them make important decisions, overcome their fear of change, regulate their emotions, and manage their relationships. He has provided services for a wide range of people, including those struggling with Depression, Suicide Ideation, Lack of Motivation, Low Self-Esteem, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and Trauma. He also offers a supportive environment for clients navigating sexual and gender identity.